X-Modal III

Modal Analysis Software with Embedded Data Acquisition
  • Autonomous Modal Parameter Estimation Procedure
  • Multiple Live Parameter Estimation Windows
  • Task Oriented, Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Logical Operation Always "One-Click" away
  • Simplified "Copy & Paste" Data Management
  • Simplified Units Unification Tool
  • Based on MATLAB® Computational Engine Environment
  • Universal File Format (UFF) Data Access
  • Individual Data Channel Calibration
X-Modal III - Modal Analysis Software with Embedded Data Acquisition 
  • Overview
  • Data Sheets
X-Modal III is a comprehensive modal analysis package featuring intuitive, task oriented user interfaces, extensive modal parameter estimation algorithms, parallel display capabilities, flexible data management, and embedded data acquisition capabilities.

Developed by one of the leading research universities in modal analysis and structural dynamics, and supported by leading structural testing groups in aerospace, defense and automotive industries,X-Modal III is used for the most complicated modal test applications in the world.
X-Modal III is based on MATLAB®, an open-source programming environment, and offers the user the ability to take advantage of leading edge technology for modal testing. X-Modal III fully supports the SentinelEX Series of Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSA’s), as well as VTI’s VT143x family.

  • Modal Analysis
  • Ground Vibration Testing
  • MIMO Shaker Testing
  • Multi-Reference Impact Testing
  • Problem Analysis and Troubleshooting
X-Modal III Datasheet
X-Modal III Datasheet
DocumentX-Modal III Datasheet
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