APEX Turbine DS

The APEX Turbine Data System (DS) is the next generation of data acquisition, control, setup, and online analysis. It reliably acquires time-synchronized data from a network of digitizers, regardless of sample rate or sensor type.

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  • Overview

Setup & Control

  • Very high reliability – Unit Under Test doesn’t wait for data system
  • Can use same software with different hardware
  • Operators only need to learn one interface
  • Pick whatever hardware is best for the test
  • Completely open architecture
  • Data format non-proprietary, public
  • Seamless integration of dynamic data and Static Data Acquitsition System data
  • Used extensively by most major OEM’s

Online Data Analysis
  • Complete online, real time engineering analysis of data saves time and money
  • Improve Unit Under Test safety
  • Eliminate useless testing
  • Accelerate offline analysis
  • Use multiple monitoring stations/engineers to distribute analysis workload
  • Sophisticated use of frequency domain limits provides advanced online analysis capability
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