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White Papers

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Your Complete Guide to Functional Testing

Your equipment must work. This is especially true for high-stakes industries such as automotive, military, aviation and medical. Whether you are designing a new car or airplane or working on a revolutionary medical device, making sure that your designs do their job is key to keeping your business running. Learn more in our complete guide to testing and measurement.  
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Your Complete Guide to Better Measurements

What is the value of a sensor? For leading companies in the automotive, military,  aerospace and medical markets,  a handful of sensors could be worth millions of dollars. That may seem like a stretch until you think about how important data acquisition is when validating your designs.  Learn more in our complete guide to better measurement.  

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The Case for Change: PXIE Express (PXIe) vs. PXI

In this whitepaper we discuss the advantages of the PXIe standard over the PXI standard specifically as it relates to testing of communications equipment. This paper outlines some of the typical testing components found in a communications test system and describes how PXIe provides higher-performance testing than the older PXI instruments. 

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How to Optimize Signal Integrity for Better Data Acquisition

Signal integrity matters. Whether you’re designing a new jet engine or building a medical-grade freezer, you need bulletproof testing to ensure that your products are up to spec. The only way to do that is through proper data acquisition systems with uncompromised signal integrity. Without signal integrity, you risk getting inaccurate data, leading to: false pass/fails, regulatory compliance issues, additional testing and costly prototypes, or delayed development/production. Learn how to optimize signal integrity and more by reading this white paper.

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