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Commercial Industrial

Manufacturing houses must find creative ways to reduce overhead in the assembly test process. As new products and new requirements are introduced to the production floor, additional test systems will be added to handle the workload. It is critical to maintain as much commonality as possible across product line testers to minimize development time and make time to market as short as possible.

Additionally, test stands must be flexible, allowing for expansion and unique product requirements. Scalable, modular instrumentation and power sources enable contract manufacturers to quickly develop common-core test platforms that allow them to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power have a long history of designing modular and scalable products that provide cost-effective solutions in a compact footprint. AMETEK VTI Instruments offers common core switching and I/O solutions that are flexible yet capable enough to test hundreds of complex subassemblies.

AMETEK VTI Instruments products with size and performance in mind. We excel in applications where it is critical to reduce the size of the common core instrumentation in order to allow room for niche requirements and future expansion. Over the past couple decades VTI has revolutionized the industry by delivering a mix of density and performance that continues to be unmatched today. We’ve extended this capability to smaller channel count applications through the introduction of our EX1200 (LXI) and EMX/SMX (PXIe) series.

AMETEK Programmable Power helps contract manufacturers meet their test challenges by offering one of the widest lines of AC, DC, and AC/DC power sources on the market. Flexibility is the key. AMETEK Programmable Power sources can be rack-mounted and connected in series or parallel to supply whatever voltages and currents are required. Plus, they can be outfitted with USB, RS-232, LXI, and even IEEE-488 interfaces for remote control.

Floor space being an important resource in manufacturing facilities, it is important to minimize the footprint of automated test systems. AMETEK VTI Instruments addresses this need by providing platforms that optimize performance and form factor. ATE solutions benefit from switching-optimized EX1200 (LXI) platform and high speed-instrumentation-optimized PXIe series combined in a compact single chassis with interconnect, cabling and front panel interface – the CMX34. VTI’s EX1200 series alone can accommodate 576 channels of I/O in a 1U rack-width form factor.

AMETEK Programmable Power offers power sources with the highest power density in the industry. The new SGX Series, for example, provides a full 15 kW output at voltages as low as 20 V in a 3U package. This, in turn, helps minimize test system footprints and keep costs down

All of our functional test solutions are based on industry standard platforms and will be viable for many years to come. Our use of industry standard drivers and platforms ensure equipment is supported in any hardware or software environment with little risk of obsolescence. Our portfolio of products and expertise in designing and building automated test systems reduce the uncertainty traditionally inherent in piecing together a test system.

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