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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers constantly strive to improve the efficiency and stretch the boundaries of modern structures. The challenges and difficulties of verifying new designs require tools designed to provide the accuracy and performance needed to adapt scaled model testing to real life structures.

AMETEK VTI Instruments' distributed instruments provide accurate synchronization across 10 to 10,000 channels for large structures like bridges, tunnels and pipelines. This has expanded the field of civil engineering to enable more accurate instrumentation normally associated with research and design laboratories. Whether strain gaging a bridge for structural analysis, researching new construction materials, or performing modal analysis on load-bearing structure, our SentinelEX product series brings high accuracy, synchronization, and distributed measurement capability back to your control center or SCADA for analysis/processing.

With decades of instrumentation and power source design experience, AMETEK VTI Instruments and  AMETEK Programmable Power provide customers with peace of mind year after year. AMETEK is dedicated to improving customer testing capabilities by:

  • Providing accurate and reliable instrumentation and power sources
  • Making it easy to develop custom tests
  • Providing easy-to-use software
  • Using an open platform approach that allows users to choose right platform (VXI, VME, LXI, or PXI etc.) for their application.

Structural tests often consume large amounts of resources and effort to prepare the installation for test. Much of this time is spent confirming cabling identification.

Our EX1629 and EMX-5290 have Transducer Electronic Database (TEDs) included as standard functionality. Depending on the number of channels, it will help eliminate days, weeks, or even months from the installation process by allowing the installer to simply plug transducer cables into the instrument without verifying channel position. Software configurable interfaces eliminate the need for different types of hardware for strain gage installations.

Our instruments can be integrated into almost any data acquisition software or SCADA program using our open drivers. You can also use our dedicated measurement software applications such as X-Modal III (modal analysis - partnership with U of Cincinnati), Ideas (Industry standard full featured DSA), VTIcoda (high channel strain) or EXLab (”set up and go”). Whether for supervisory control or research and development, our complete turnkey solutions are your one-stop shop for all your civil engineering measurement needs.

Utilizing the power of our software, you can easily record and monitor data in real time using a variety of graphics and tables. Other features include the ability to analyze data, manage alarms and many exception conditions, and export data for further detailed analysis or reporting.

AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power have proven experience in the following applications and can deliver the system that meets the most exacting requirements:

  • Bridges
  • Runways (and other paving platforms)
  • Buildings
  • Tunnels
  • Offshore platforms
  • Support cradles
  • Plant & machinery
  • HVAC
  • Cement cure
  • Materials research
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