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Automotive And Transportation

Many of the improvements in transportation have been aided by the improvements in test instrumentation and power sources used by the auto industry. The significant risks and costs associated with failure in the transportation industry necessitate testing to levels beyond normal product reliability testing.

High value, high integrity
AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power have been supplying test instrumentation power sources used in many different automotive test applications, ranging from engine test cells to electronic control units for more than 30 years. For example, the AMETEK VTI Instruments VT1432 are used widely by noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) engineers, who have developed software around these products. And, automotive electronics engineers can use the AMETEK Programmable Power DLM40-15 power supply and an SLM 60-60-300 electronic load to generate the fast transients that automotive ECUs must tolerate in operation.

AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power both design and develop products on industry-standard platforms like USB, PXIe, LXI, and VXI that are designed to provide years of service. These architectures allow you to operate the test solutions you develop today for many years to come.

Turnkey, open solutions
If your application includes vehicle aerodynamics, marine structural integrity, train track fatigue, road paving durability or ignition system testing, we can supply turnkey solutions. You can be confident that we have proven our products before you install our instruments in your test application.

For end-of-line test applications such as ECUs, wiper motor tests, and cable and harness testing, AMETEK offers turnkey configurable solutions with the CreatEX series.

AMETEK VTI Instruments and AMETEK Programmable Power products are used by some of the key automotive and transportation manufacturers around the globe to ensure that their products meet standards and will operate reliably for years. These applications include:

  • Wind tunnels
  • Engine test cells
  • Train infrastructure monitoring
  • Car transportation research
  • Vehicle road testing
  • Cable test
  • ECU/ ECM Test
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