Commercial IndustryManufacturers of commercial products require flexibility to keep pace with evolving technologies, standards, and customer demand in various product categories. In the white goods category, for example, companies are investing heavily in R&D to meet customer demand for smart appliances, according to Allied Market Research, which estimates the white-goods market is growing at a CAGR of 7.8% and will exceed $1 trillion by 2027.

VTI Instruments is well positioned to serve commercial manufacturers with a wide range of test solutions. For example, VTI worked with a refrigerator manufacturer needing to test 24 units at a time in walk-in thermal chambers, performing thermocouple measurements across 576 channels. The company wanted to replace its existing test system, including a datalogger and two cold-junction cabinets that were costly and difficult to wire. VTI proposed two solutions:

  • Replace the existing system with EX10XX full-featured thermocouple and voltage measurement instruments, offering simplified wiring and improved accuracy and sample rate.
  • Use two EX1401 16-channel isolated thermocouple and voltage measurement instrument per refrigerator in a decentralized approach that lets each refrigerator be instrumented outside the test chamber and rolled in when ready.

Commercial Products IndustryVTI Instruments also offers the EX1403A 16-channel bridge and strain-gauge measurement instrument, which can serve in structural and fatigue test of commercial products. In addition, the company offers test and measurement solutions for semiconductor and communications applications and stands ready to apply its decades of experience to meeting evolving test needs as commercial products such as appliances become smarter and more connected.

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