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VXI Technology Increases Data Reliability with Introduction of
Full-featured, Programming-free Data Acquisition Software

VTIcoda reduces setup time for distributed high channel count, high accuracy measurement systems

Irvine, CA – September 23, 2008 – VXI Technology, Inc. (VTI) announced today the release of VTIcoda, a full-featured, programming-free software application for setup, control, monitoring and analysis of precision measurements. Created by experienced test engineers for use with VTI’s high accuracy strain, voltage and temperature measurement instruments, VTIcoda offers functionality previously available only in custom packages costing thousands of dollars more. Whether setting up a new test configuration or viewing the results, this turnkey software simplifies the entire process through intuitive configuration, data interpretation and display tools, and online graphical data analysis that can be easily managed in a multi-user client/server environment. The scalable architecture, based on the LXI standard, adapts to any test size requirement, from ten to ten thousand channels.

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VTIcoda is a complete application that does not require programming and thus improves test efficiency and cost by eliminating time-consuming learning curves, software development delays and the need to qualify custom software. Users can quickly configure flexible displays and channel groupings. Runtime alarm indicators give the user a real-time picture of the test results and conditions. VTIcoda facilitates end-to-end self-calibration of VTI instruments to ensure the highest degree of data integrity, making it ideal for applications such as environmental, aerospace and automotive structural and engine test cells.

Data manipulation is made easy through a variety of standard built-in mathematical functions. Calculations are performed real-time, and the results can be treated like other measured channels for analysis and reporting purposes. Data can be accessed and displayed from within VTIcoda, or exported for analysis in other applications.

Convenient analysis tools are included for viewing measured data, including step-less zoom and smart cursor functions for detailed event examination. Display function supports a variety of standard features including differential markers, auto or fixed scaling, and linear or logarithmic display types. Limit checking and alarm monitoring are available on every channel with out-of-limit data displayed in a separate window and logged.

VTIcoda is available in three versions to address a wide need of data acquisition applications and channel counts. Together, VTIcoda and VTI premium hardware provide a tightly integrated data acquisition solution ensuring reliable and repeatable measurements.

About VXI Technology, Inc.
VXI Technology, Inc. (VTI) is the market leader in functional test and data acquisition systems. ISO9001:2000 registered, the company serves the aerospace, automotive, avionics, defense, industrial automation, medical, satellite communications, and telecom markets. The company engineers and produces over 200 components and subsystems to build both custom and standard test systems. With plants in the U.S., Europe and Asia, worldwide product support is provided through a network of VTI certified engineering representatives. VTI is a sponsor member of the VXI Consortium and a strategic/founding member of the LXI Consortium.

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