VTI's High-fidelity Switch System Selected
for Semiconductor Profile Testing

Irvine, CA - May 5, 2011 - VTI Instruments Corporation is pleased to announce that they have been selected to deliver the high-fidelity core switching solution for CSI's (Custom Systems Integration) semiconductor manufacturing test system.
  VTI's 3U high-power switching mainframe (EX1208) and 72-channel multiplexer (EX1200-3072) provides 556 channels of core switching capability for CSI's Multi-Core Tester (MCT). Proven repeatability and reliability were key switch system characteristics that enabled uninterrupted testing, ultimately resulting in lower development costs, faster time-to-market, and a sustained competitive advantage. CSI's MCT is a high performance test system used by leading global semiconductor manufacturers to perform device temperature profiling.

"We are very excited to team with CSI and play such a pivotal role in leading-edge semiconductor test," said Jon Semancik, VTI's Director of Marketing. "The EX1200 Switch, Measure, and I/O Series provides cost-effective core platform switching and I/O capabilities without sacrificing performance or signal integrity."
VTI's switching solution delivers exceptional signal transparency ensuring the most accurate measurements possible by minimizing noise and crosstalk, enabling highly accurate temperature measurements, while lowering total cost of ownership. This is critical for semiconductor thermal profile testing because it enables manufacturers to evaluate and validate innovative methods for removing heat from high performance processor designs by comparing the effectiveness of different cooling techniques.

"Our continued relationship with VTI allows us to field world class custom solutions that our customers can depend on," said Dave Jones, CSI's General Manager. "Combining CSI's System's Design and Manufacturing capabilities with VTI's precision core switching ensures exceptional test system capability and performance with unmatched reliability."

The EX1200 Switch, Measure, and I/O Series is the highest density multifunction switching subsystem available with unmatched scalability and expansion capabilities; it incorporates common switch, measure, and I/O modules, along with open architecture programming interfaces. This product can be leveraged across R&D, service and support, and production thanks to multiple mainframe configurations and a common hardware and software interface.

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