Introducing EXLab – Powerful, Turn-key Data Acquisition Software
Introducing VTI's new High-Density, "Smart" Precision DSA Digitizer
Fundamentals of Data Acquisition
RTD Simulator Extended for Cryo Applications
Designing Microwave Test Adapters
VTI Expands PXI Express Family with the CMX18 18-slot PXI Express Chassis

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VTI is pleased to announce the release of our new turn-key data acquisition software - EXLab. This software is the result of our years of experience as a premium data acquisition solutions provider, combined with extensive feedback from customers on application specific requirements. It builds on our popular and widely adopted DAC Express software, using a similar, intuitive user interface while extending on capabilities to include post-processing, and extensive triggering and control capabilities.

EXLab offers an out of the box solution for a wide range of applications including:
Structural/fatigue testing High Speed Data Acquisition
General Purpose Data Logging HALT / HASS Product Evaluation
Engine Test Cell Acquisition Process and Plant Monitoring
Performance and Event Monitoring

Visit our website for more information and download a full-featured evaluation copy today.
VTI is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our SentinelEX data acquisition family – the EMX-4250 "Smart" PXI Express 16-channel DSA Digitizer. This 204.8 kSa/s, 24-bit digitizer incorporates best-in-class analog design methodologies to deliver industry leading measurement accuracy while offering scalability from a few channels to thousands of channels. When combined with the EMX-2500 LXI interface, the EMX-4250 can be used in widely distributed data acquisition systems enabling test instruments to be placed close to test articles to maximize signal integrity. The EMX-4250 can be used with the EMX-4016 16-channel break-out box which provides an easy and quick option to connect transducers using BNC connectors.

The EMX-4250 instrument is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

High speed data acquisition
Modal analysis
Ground vehicle testing
Acoustic analysis
Impact test
Order analysis
Vibration control/analysis
Data acquisition is the measurement and analysis of physical or electrical parameters. It is a necessary step in the design of almost every product, process or structure and is used to characterize behavior, monitor variables, and control responses.

This guide gives a detailed overview of data acquisition systems, points to consider when defining requirements, how different physical parameters can be measured, and measurement techniques to maximize accuracy.
With a measurement range as low as 15 Kelvin combined with high accuracy, stability and repeatability, RTDs are an excellent choice for temperature measurements in cryogenic applications. However when measuring RTDs, an excitation current is required which can generate heat in the sensor, and leads to higher measured temperature. In order to minimize the heat generated, cryogenic RTD measurements use very short pulses of small excitation current.

VTI recently worked with a leading Aerospace and Defense company on a challenging application to simulate RTDs in cryogenic environments. To accomplish this, we upgraded our EX1200-7008 high-precision RTD Simulation instrument to support current pulses less than 1 mA for less than 1.3 ms pulse widths. Combining this with the ability to offer "glitch-free" RTD simulation using solid-state components instead of traditional electromechanical resistor ladders, the EX1200-7008 is able to provide a reliable and highly-accurate solution for cryogenic applications.

The EX1200-7008 supports all common Pt, Cu and Ni RTD types, and also allows users to define coefficients for custom RTDs.  Visit our website for more information.
In the RF/microwave domain, the combination of classified information and custom requirements often make it difficult to utilize a fully COTS solution, and this is particularly true with customized RF Interface Units (RFIUs). VTI's EX7000 series addresses this challenge by offering commercially available design tools to accelerate development and manufacturability of custom RFIUs. Using the EX7000 framework, customers are able to leverage COTS-based command and control components from VTI Instruments to architect application-specific RFIU solutions.

In one instance, VTI Instruments worked with a leading aerospace and defense company to develop a common Internal Integrated RF Interface System (Internal IRIS) capable of providing automated multiplexing, conditioning, and control of multiple RF signals to support independent RF signal channels for use in six unique Interface Test Adapters (ITAs). A paper was presented at Autotestcon 2012 Conference discussing the solution that was developed and the benefits of using this approach. Download the full paper on the IEEE website.
VTI is pleased to introduce the CMX18 – 18-slot PXI Express Mainframe. This chassis features a high-speed Gen 2 PCIe backplane supporting 2 GB/s bandwidth per slot and 8 GB/s system bandwidth, capable of supporting even the most data intensive applications. The CMX18 uniquely provides IEEE-1588 distribution over the backplane which allows it to be used with other VTI LXI and PXIe products in distributed data-acquisition systems.

Rack mount kits, and extensive range of receiver assemblies are available to simplify integration into racks. The CMX18 is also available as a part of the CMX34 integrated core ATE subsystem. The CMX34 combines the CMX18 with an EX1208A 16-slot LXI mainframe to create a tightly synchronized ATE subassembly that is uniquely optimized for instrumentation as well as switching and I/O. In addition, the CMX34 includes mass interface connectivity options that provide a fully integrated switching and instrumentation subsystem that includes cabling and receiver modules and can be readily dropped in to a test system.
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