VTI Announces 64-bit Support for the
EX2500 Gigabit Ethernet Slot 0 Interface

Irvine, CA – March 7, 2011 – VTI Instruments Corporation is pleased to
announce full 64-bit driver support for the EX2500A LXI-VXI Gigabit Ethernet
Slot 0 Interface.
  VTI's EX2500A Gigabit Ethernet Slot 0 Interface is the industry's only forward looking, backward compatible solution enabling VXIbus systems to take advantage of the latest advances in instrumentation interface technology. Full 64-bit driver support provides a seamless transition path from Windows XP to Windows® 7, without modifying application code or re-qualifying test program set (TPS) software.

"The EX2500A seamlessly bridges the gap between two of the most popular open industry standards in the world," said Jon Semancik, VTI's Director of Marketing. "This computer independent interface links all of the exceptional performance features expected from VXIbus instruments, to an external host, through the power and convenience of Ethernet."
System designers can now implement solutions that are backward compatible with legacy test systems using a versatile interface that provides access to the latest 64-bit processors, more the 4 GB of RAM, and LXI (LAN Extensions for Instrumentation) Class A functionality.

All of the familiar VXIbus controller functionality, such as automatic resource manager, memory management, trigger control and multiple chassis connectivity are combined with intuitive web-based command and control utilities to provide the most powerful Slot-0 controller available, making the EX2500A the clear choice for current and future test systems.

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