March 24, 2011

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EX1200 Switching
Selected for
Profile Test

Thermal profile testing ensures that semiconductor manufacturers implement effective methods for removing heat from their high performance processor designs. Each processor can have many hot spots where heat needs to be removed; some may have up to 40 locations that need to be profiled. To simulate a real-world environment and compare effectiveness of a variety of cooling techniques, manufacturers will build test modules that utilize small resistive heaters. These test modules can also simulate a variety of processing power by controlling the amount of heat that is generated.

EX1208 with Mass Interconnect Assembly

RTDs are placed at every hot spot on each component to sense the temperature to compare effectiveness of cooling designs. Accurate RTD measurements require a very precise and repeatable excitation source and measurement path. Custom Systems Integration (CSI), Endicott, NY, recently selected the EX1200 series of signal switching as the core of their Thermal Profile Evaluation Tester (eThermal), because of its exceptional channel density and signal integrity. CSI delivered the eThermal tester to a major semiconductor manufacturer as an integral part of their product development strategy.

The EX1208, 3U switching mainframe and the EX1200-3072, 72-channel multiplexer were chosen to provide up to 556 4-wire RTD measurement channels in the eThermal system. The combination of the proven repeatability and reliability of the switching system ensures that the manufacturer can maintain a competitive edge by sustaining uninterrupted testing which ultimately results in lower development costs and faster time-to-market.

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FEATURED PRODUCT continued... 

Precision measurement and control are combined in a tightly integrated package reducing system costs, improving performance, and simplifying programming and integration.

This is the only solution capable of delivering 8-channels of independent 1 MHz frequency / 32-bit counter inputs, 16 channels of isolated Digital I/O, and 2 channels of isolated analog output (DAC) in a single instrument. Combining this functionality with the EX1200 series DMM, switching and precision I/O modules allows developers to reduce test system cost and size, while maximizing flexibility and reusability, with a solution capable of delivering exceptional measurement performance.

This versatile instrument is ideally suited to address the most demanding electronic functional test (ATE) and data acquisition (DAQ) applications including precision frequency and counter/timer measurements in ATE systems, motion or position measurements from rotating shafts, and monitoring the speed of motors or turbines. The isolated DAC and I/O also make this card a perfect fit for a wide range of industrial control applications, such as relay actuation, speed control, and simulation, requiring protection against high common mode and transient voltages.

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Precision Modular Instrumentation

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EX1200 Family Extends Capabilities with Precision Frequency/ Totalizer and Encoder Measurements

The EX1200-1538 Multifunction I/O Card with enhanced measurement capabilities delivers unparalleled versatility and flexibility in a single instrument.

Bringing the Power of Embedded Web-based Tools to Data Acquisition

The power of LAN-based communications' interfaces has transformed the way we approach everyday activities, whether checking in for a flight or watching a movie, applications abound to save time and simplify transactions. Many of the time saving utilities once viewed as consumer-based gimmicks, such as accessing a wide range of information on one's handheld, are now finding their way into business transactions and gaining much wider acceptance.

Embedded web interfaces extend the utility of instrumentation by providing measurement and control capabilities independent of any other programming interface. Setup and debugging activities are greatly simplified thanks to immediate out-of-the-box operation, automatic instrument discovery and identification, elimination of variables such as third party software, and utilities such as event log that permit observation on the device in action.

Other features such as complete in-place NIST traceable calibration and run-time self-calibration provide time saving benefits and ensure test system availability.

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Slot 0 Adds
64-bit Support

VTI's LXI-VXI Gigabit Ethernet Slot 0 Interface provides a forward looking, backward compatible, solution enabling VXIbus systems to take advantage of the latest advances in instrumentation interface technology. The EX2500A now provides full 64-bit driver support for a seamless transition from Windows XP to Windows® 7, without rewriting application code or re-qualifying test program set (TPS) software.

System designers can now implement hardware that is compatible with legacy systems using a versatile interface that extends the VXIbus to an external host through the power of Ethernet. Compatibility with the latest 64-bit processors, access to more the 4 GB of RAM, and LXI Class A functionality make this the clear choice for current and future test systems.

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