VTI Expands Leadership in Modular Instruments Market with 41 PXIe Products

  Irvine, CA, June 6th 2013 – VTI Instruments is pleased to announce its entry into the PXI market with the addition of 41 PXI Express and PXI-hybrid products to its portfolio.

  “In the 1990s, VTI revolutionized VXI with the introduction of the first ‘module within a module’ instrumentation family. We are currently the market leaders in VXI. In the 2000s we co-created and defined the LXI standard which is currently the standard for Ethernet based instruments. With the introduction of our PXIe products, we’re excited to continue our leadership and drive the growth of the modular instrumentation market further” said Rob Harris, Executive VP of Sales at VTI Instruments.  
  New product additions include Chassis, Controllers, Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Switch cards, Waveform Generators, Digitizers, Communication Buses and other modular products. “These new additions serve to strengthen and expand VTI’s capabilities in Automated Test and Data Acquisition with new hardware that offer best in class performance and reliability” said Tom Sarfi, Modular Products Manager at VTI Instruments.

To learn more about VTI’s PXIe family, visit : http://www.vtiinstruments.com/PXIExpress.aspx

About VTI Instruments
VTI Instruments delivers precision modular instrumentation and systems for electronic signal distribution, acquisition, and monitoring, used in the world's most demanding test applications. The company’s products and systems are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems.

VTI is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of providing reliable data, first time, every time. A sustained focus on innovation and technology enables VTIs customers to optimize their capital investment through product longevity, while ensuring unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability.

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Anirudh Narayanan , anirudhn@vtiinstruments.com (949)-732-4957.