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Scanning DMM Saves You Time and Money
Faster time to market and reduced test development costs;
a winning combination

VTI's EX1200 Series Switch, Measure and I/O platform, the highest density multifunction scanning subsystem available, provides the capabilities to slash development costs and speed time to market. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), along with our full featured DACExpress Measurement System Software, provides immediate out-of-the-box operation. Simply point, click, and measure!

Development efforts can be leveraged across different functional groups, R&D, service and support, and production, thanks to unmatched scalability and expansion capabilities; this is accomplished with multiple mainframe configurations and a common hardware and software interface.

A wide range of physical signals, including analog inputs up to 300V, resistance, current, digital I/O, level detection, RTD's, and thermocouples can be measured directly by the EX1200's 6 ½ digit DMM, providing exceptional application versatility.

Advanced scan list operation ensures the fasted throughput possible, reducing system latencies and improving overall test times; this functionality also includes limit checking and the ability to drive external devices or send status messages. Other features, such as embedded system level test configurations, simplify startup and ensure test consistency.

Applications for the EX1200 Switch, Measure and I/O platform include temperature and voltage monitoring, external state condition monitoring and control, signal switching and distribution, power supply switching, and electronic functional test.

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Eliminate the Guesswork from Your Next
Microwave Design

Patent-pending Microwave Configurator reduces design costs and simplifies implementation

VTI's patent-pending Broadband Integrated Design Wizard, a unique web-based system used to design and configure test equipment, delivers time and money savings previously unavailable in the electronic test market place, greatly reducing development costs and time to market.

The Design Wizard reduces microwave subsystem development costs, while also providing a streamlined process for automatically creating the documentation necessary for long-term support of the product. By combining a powerful web-based search engine with an intuitive graphical configuration utility, developers can quickly create a custom assembly with the look and feel of a standard commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) product.

This capability is combined with a best-in-class sourcing database, the only knowledge base of its kind in the world, to offer exceptional flexibility and freedom of choice. VTIs relationships with leading component suppliers allows customers to select from an extensive library of components, download data sheets and compare specifications, access hundreds of technical notes, and utilize engineering charts and calculators.

Experience the future of broadband microwave design today!

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Technical Feature

Strain Gage Measurement Techniques for Improved
Performance and Accuracy

Learn how to get the most out of your strain gage measurement

In today's competitive marketplace innovative new materials and processes continue to expand the performance envelope of products ranging from cell phones to aircraft.  Increased fuel efficiency, longer service life, less maintenance, lower cost, and improved manufacturability are all driving forces behind these efforts.  Additionally, our world is full of structures that must be periodically evaluated to ensure key performance criteria are met.

Material test and performance qualification can encompass a wide variety of measurements including strain, load, pressure, and displacement.  The challenges associated with this will depend on the specific application and can range from several channels for a small test article, to thousands of channels for a large structure, to many widely distributed channels that must be synchronized. 

As the industry leader in bridge and strain measurement instrumentation, VTI understands the challenges associated with practical bridge measurements.  This application note will explain bridge measurement fundamentals and provide the user with tips and recommendations.

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Featured Product

Broadband Microwave Switching Delivers
Performance and Savings

Switch systems that lack signal transparency destroy signal integrity,
so why invest in expensive instrumentation and then spend hours processing distorted signals

VTI's new EX71HD high-density microwave switch is ideal for reconfigurable ATE applications where signal integrity must be maintained when routing
critical signals between the device(s) under test and instrumentation such as spectrum analyzers, high frequency oscilloscopes, synthesizers, and network analyzers.

The EX71HD complements VTI's growing broadband microwave switching family and is designed to address applications that demand maximum performance, flexible design options, and an operating range up to 26.5 GHz. A wide range of applications can be easily addressed with SPDT, SP4T, SP6T building blocks configured to meet specific signal routing requirements.

Programming is greatly simplified by using the built-in web-based GUI to configure unique path level assignments, eliminating time consuming programming and debugging steps.

Broadband microwave switching has never been easier to configure, program, integrate, and maintain!

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http://www.vtiinstruments.com/ ProductDescription.aspx

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Industry News

VXIbus System Specification, VXI-1, Revision 4.0 Ratified
VXIbus continues to evolve offering higher throughput and increased power

Key enhancements to the VXIbus have been added in Revision 4.0 including higher throughput, increased power, and better synchronization. The extension of the existing bus provides additional flexibility by allowing support for high-speed serial busses like PCI Express for module-to-module and computer-to-module communication in a VXIbus system.

Revision 4.0 provides transparent support for VITA-41 (VME), PXI and PXI Express modules with no software changes, delivering a high-end packaging solution for military/aerospace test, high-speed digital, RF, synthetic, and data acquisition applications.

The VXIbus platform is alive and well!  These recent updates ensure the VXI will continue to provide exceptional performance for years to come.

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