February 23, 2012
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4th Generation SentinelEX “Smart” Dynamic Signal Analyzers: NVH Testing Limited Only by Imagination

Once again VTI has succeeded in setting the gold standard for DSA instrumentation with the new SentinelEX Series of Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzers.

Innovative features such as user-configurable FPGA-based synthetic instrument customization, corporate wide cloud data management, and comprehensive runtime health monitoring makes these instruments ideal for a wide range of NVH applications including acoustics, modal, order analysis, shock, and high speed signal analysis.

Measurement performance is elevated to new levels with 625 kSa/s data rates, superior common mode performance (CMRR of -120 dB), industry leading spurious free dynamic range (SFDR of -125 dB), and fully programmable IEPE excitation flexibility. Other essential hardware enhancements include embedded self-calibration, without the need to disconnect external transducer cabling, and precision distributed measurement synchronization utilizing IEEE 1588 for accurate time correlation.

AXI-based open-platform FPGA synthetic instrument customization combines user-defined processing, with industry standard MATLAB® and Simulink® tools, for virtually unlimited run-time measurement and analysis capabilities. VTI’s software solutions also encompass this open-architecture design methodology, eliminating dependence on proprietary data formats and expensive annual maintenance fees, enabling user community collaboration to drive core functionality and enhancements.

The SentinelEX Series of Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzers is part of the world’s largest DSA install-base, and continues to deliver trusted performance and measurement confidence with this new generation of instrumentation. To learn more about these exciting new solutions visit our website at http://www.vtiinstruments.com/SentinelEX.aspx or call 949-955-1894 to discuss your application.

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Best-in-class noise immunity and exclusive low frequency common mode trimming combine with the highest quality instrumentation grade 24-bit ADC’s to deliver superior measurement fidelity. The complete measurement chain is further optimized with uncompromised excitation flexibility designed to maximize transducer performance and response.

Learn more about how the EMX-4350 Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzer, along with comprehensive turn-key software solutions, can address your most demanding NVH application challenges.



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Industry's First and Only
625 kSa/s “Smart”
Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Experience unmatched measurement performance with the EMX-4350 Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzer. Industry leading 625 kSa/s/ch data rates, FPGA-based synthetic instrument customization, corporate wide cloud data management, and runtime health monitoring boosts traditional DSA instrument performance and capability to new levels.


Fundamentals of
Dynamic Signal Analysis

Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) is an essential tool used to evaluate the behavior and performance of a wide range of devices, vehicles and structures including white goods, automobiles, aircraft and spacecraft. Dynamic signal analysis is performed utilizing a special class of instrumentation that combines precision digitization capabilities with onboard processing to convert time domain signal to the frequency domain.

Unique test techniques, algorithms and software have been developed for different types of applications including modal, impact testing, acoustic, vehicle pass-by-noise measurements, rotating machinery data acquisition and environmental vibration testing; however, they still rely on the DSA instrument to acquire and transform signals to the frequency domain.

This primer is ideal for those who are unfamiliar with the advantages of analysis in the frequency and the class of digitizers and analyzers designed for dynamic signal analysis.

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