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VTI Releases Advanced Multifunction
Frequency and I/O Instrument

Irvine, CA – February 9, 2011 – VTI Instruments Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a powerful new multifunction instrument, the EX1200-1538 Multifunction I/O Card with enhanced measurement capabilities.

The EX1200-1538 is the only solution capable of delivering 8-channels of independent 1 MHz frequency / 32-bit counter inputs, 16 channels of isolated Digital I/O, and 2 channels of isolated analog output (DAC) in a single instrument. Combining this functionality allows developers to reduce test system cost and size, while maximizing flexibility and reusability, with a solution capable of delivering exceptional measurement performance.

This versatile instrument is ideally suited to address the most demanding electronic functional test (ATE) and data acquisition (DAQ) applications including precision frequency and counter/timer measurements in ATE systems, motion or position measurements from rotating shafts, and monitoring the speed of motors or turbines. The isolated DAC and I/O also make this card a perfect fit for a wide range of industrial control applications, such as relay actuation, speed control, and simulation, requiring protection against high common mode and transient voltages.

"The EX1200-1538 delivers unparalleled versatility and flexibility in a single multifunction device," said Jon Semancik, VTI's Director of Marketing. "Combining precision measurement and control in a tightly integrated package reduces system costs, improves performance, and simplifies programming and integration."

Unmatched time and frequency domain measurement accuracy is obtained with VTI's refined electronic counter implementation, and includes the ability to directly measure frequency, totalize counts, RPM, and quadrature input signals. Additionally, the isolated digital I/O and DAC output channels offer the flexibility to directly measure and control a wide range of industrial systems, and can be combined to achieve expanded voltage and current levels.

The EX1200-1538 Multifunction I/O Card is the latest addition to the award winning EX1200 Switch, Measure and I/O product family, the highest density solution available in the industry, with unmatched scalability and expansion capabilities. Advanced timing and synchronization make this solution perfect for high-reliability ATE and distributed DAQ applications, while the embedded web interface provides virtual monitoring and control of all signal switching and instrumentation without the need for third-party software, simplifying setup and debugging activities.

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