Industry Standard Control for Custom RF Interface Units
Creating a High-Performance RF Switching Interface with Qualcomm
VTI Delivers Synchronized Dynamic Strain DAQ System for Harsh Environments
VTI & APEX Turbine Testing Technologies Announce Partnership

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Custom test system designs can result in high maintenance costs due to premature obsolescence; these implementations often lack adequate documentation required for sustained support activities. The high frequency signal components resident in RF/Microwave subsystem designs often prohibit the use of more generic COTS-based solutions that are developed to address a broader range of applications, thus driving the need for a custom solution. This paper will discuss a unique approach to RF interface and signal routing development that combines COTS hardware with innovative embedded web design tools.

View this white paper here


Qualcomm is a leading designer of wireless telecommunications products and services. When introducing a new chipset, the company conducts functional testing of every chipset made to ensure proper performance in various environmental conditions. When upgrading several large test labs, the company turned to

VTI to create a precision RF switching solution to route several high frequency signals between the test equipment and the units under test. This case study will discuss how VTI was able to implement advanced RF switching methodology to develop a cost effective, high performance solution.

Read this case study here

VTI Instruments announced the release of its RX0224, a 24 channel high performance charge vibration measurement instrument, designed to allow users the ability to record charge type transducers in harsh environments. Multiple input ranges and 24 bit ADC per channel allow for very high resolution measurements so that large or small vibration events can be accurately captured.

The RX Series family of instruments delivers rapid integration and precise synchronization of multiple devices through the IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol standard. All measurement data is returned with IEEE-1588 timestamps with typical accuracies of <100 ns ensuring that acquired data is tightly correlated across the measurement system.

Find out more about the RX0224 here.


In case you missed it, VTI recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, becoming a central provider of hardware used in the company's turbomachinery and aeromechanical testing and analysis solutions. This partnership will help VTI Instruments become better positioned within the propulsion and power industry, and will also benefit APEX in providing precision instrumentation for their turn-key test and analysis solutions. You can find out more about the solution benefits this partnership will bring in this video.

Read the complete news release here.

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