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Reduce Life Cycle Costs with Scalable Common Core
Solutions for ATE

Common core solutions deliver saleable, reusable instrumentation
building blocks that can be leveraged across the entire corporation

A scalable common core can be thought of as a group of essential signal switching and synchronized instrumentation that can be used across a broad range of test applications. For example, most electronic test applications require signal switching to route power to excite the device under test, as well as connect different stimuli and response instrumentation to verify performance. A common switching core is generally comprised of high current, high-fidelity signal, and general purpose signal routing with multiplexers, matrices, and discrete switching. The same can be said for instrumentation with the core instrumentation including digitizers, signal sources, signal conditioning and digital input/output.

A properly architected common core approach can change the way test system development is viewed in the organization, adding value throughout the product's life cycle. Systems can be easily scaled to test a wide varietys of products ranging from low to high I/O requirements, allowing initial investments in core hardware and software to be leveraged across multiple programs.


Scalable Common Core for ATE

This approach reduces overall test development costs while providing exceptional scalability, flexibility, and reusability as well as providing the ability to control costs as test systems age and the service life of equipment is extended.   Basing solutions on open-architecture hardware and software can ensure a smooth transition when hardware becomes obsolete or unable to address expanded test requirements.  TPS (test program set) requalification can be minimized by limiting the impact that any single device will have on the system when updates or replacements are made.

VTI's EX1200 Multifunction Instrumentation Suite is an ideal general purpose common core solution that has been adopted across the industry, most recently by LMCO for the US Navy's eCASS test system.  This suite delivers exceptional signal switching flexibility and performance, along with a wide variety of signal generation and measurement capability. The EX7000 RF/Microwave Signal Routing Suite extends these capabilities to high frequency applications providing the advantages of a COTS solution with innovative web-based tools designed to save development time and programming efforts, while simplifying manufacturing and long-term support activities.

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Improve Product Reliability with Recognized Signal
Switching Excellence

Switch systems that lack signal transparency destroy signal integrity impacting product reliability and production test costs

Signal switching is the critical link in most automatic test systems (ATE), and the overall performance of the test system depends heavily on the ability of a switch to route signals with minimal distortion. Switch systems that lack signal transparency destroy signal integrity. So why invest in expensive instrumentation and then spend hours processing distorted signals?

Signal switching is the critical common core subsystem in many designs, and
the overall performance of the test system depends on the ability of a switch
to route signals through a system with minimal distortion.  Choose the wrong switch, and you could be compromising the quality of the test results your
system delivers.

The EX1200 Multifunction Instrumentation Suite incorporates precision switching designed to deliver high performance signal routing from DC to RF/microwave to light; an ideal core switching solution.

Performance is maximized by:

  • Integrating shield planes to guard against noise and interference
  • Preserving impedance matching throughout the entire signal path
    to guard against signal reflections
  • Maintaining trace separation to minimize crosstalk and
    maximize isolation
  • Incorporating robust connectors to ensure signal connections
  • Utilizing high density layout techniques to reduce overall footprint
VTI has decades of proven switching experience testing
the most complex products in the industry; this is demonstrated
in every major ATE system worldwide.

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Technical Feature

Power Generation Industry Benefits from Compact, Distributed DAQ
Precision measurements and fast test setup results in improved
reliability and lower costs

Leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery products require cutting edge technology and superior performance to meet the world's most demanding energy requirements.  Gas turbine systems deliver auxiliary electric power generation to manage peak loading conditions when demand fluctuates or when outages occur in support of customers such as hospitals and first responders who cannot afford an outage.

Therefore, testing is a key aspect of gas turbine manufacturing to ensure reliability and efficiency. Testing occurs both at the manufacturing facility and while in the field; therefore, the data acquisition system must be easily setup,
capable of being distributed around the test article, and reliable when exposed to a wide range of environmental test conditions.  The most common measurements include temperature (inlet/outlet gas), gas pressure, loads, and torque, and must be measured by a common data acquisition system.

VTI's EX1000A Integrated Data Acquisition Suite provided the ideal distributed measurement solution.  Leveraging advanced functionality including internal self-calibration, precision over-the-wire synchronization with LXI-based IEEE-1588, and support for multiple transducer types, the manufacturer was able to reduce test time and improve product reliability.

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Featured Product

High Voltage FET Multiplexer Delivers Unmatched

Solid- state relay closures combined with 250 V functionality results in extended life and a broad range of application possibilities

VTI's EX1200-3048S is an easy to use, 48-channel FET multiplexer ideal for a wide range of applications that demand long-term reliability, high speed operation, and repeatable switching performance.  Applications include battery and fuel cell test, temperature monitoring, and process control. 

The optically isolated solid-state switches deliver 250 V performance, < 500 µsecond high speed switching operation, low path resistance, and 10 MHz bandwidth all combined in a high-density package.  Flexible software defined configurations include 48 channel, 2-wire or 24 channel, 4-wire making this module ideal for voltage, thermocouple, resistance, RTD, or thermistor measurements.


The EX1200-3048S is part of the EX1200 Precision Multifunction Switch and I/O Suite and can be mixed and matched with other modules to configure high-density measurement and switching systems covering a broad range of electronic test and data acquisition applications.

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