Precision Switching Now Available in PXI Express
How to Maximize Temperature Measurement Accuracy - Technical Note
Vibration Testing with Test for I-DEAS and VTI Instruments - Video
Military Grade Switching for Missile Defense Testing - Case Study

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PXIe SMX-4410

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Thermocouples are the most versatile and widely used devices for temperature measurements. Most test engineers are aware of the measurement errors caused by thermocouples but not always about the errors caused by the measurement system itself. This technical note will focus on the lesser known and important aspect called "Self-Calibration", and how it can be used to overcome errors in temperature measurement.

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VTI recently held a webinar in conjunction with MAYA HTT to discuss the extensive features of Test for I-DEAS - a comprehensive software suite for noise and vibration testing. This webinar has been recorded and can be accessed here for those who missed or wish to view it again. This webinar also presents the new series of PXIe Digital Signal Analyzers from VTI Instruments and discusses how they complement Test for I-DEAS.

See the full webinar here

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When a leading provider of suborbital launch vehicles was selected to create the latest target missile/threat simulators for the United States Missile Defense System, VTI was designated as the provider of test and measurement solutions used to ensure that all equipment functioned to the highest degree of accuracy. This case study discusses the challenges faced by VTI's engineers, and the custom ATE solution they created to meet the needs of our customer.

Read the full case study here

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