Simultaneous Monitoring and Acquisition System for Rocket Booster Testing – Case Study
SMX-3276 PXI Express 300V/2A Multiplexer
PMX-09 Portable Rugged PXI Express Chassis with Integrated Display and Keyboard
EMX-4250 PXI Express Multi-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer
EMX-1434 PXI Express Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Simultaneous Monitoring and Acquisition System for Rocket Booster Testing
Rocket Booster

VTI Instruments recently designed a simultaneous monitoring and acquisition system capable of constantly monitoring over one thousand analog signals during the validation testing of a rocket booster. Leveraging nearly a quarter of a century worth of experience in the development and implementation of precision modular instruments and systems, VTI Instruments was able to provide the company with a reliable, highly accurate, and cost effective solution for their testing needs. This case study explains this solution which consisted of the EX1208A mainframe as well as the EX1200-7416 multi-channel level comparator module, and how it was used to drastically improve response times and improving reliability.

Read the full case study.

  SMX-3276 PXI Express 300v/2a Multiplexer SMX-3276

VTI Instruments' SMX-3276 is a 152 channel, 300V/2A, 3U PXI Express multiplexer module designed for the scanning of multiple points to a common bus. The module can be reconfigured under program control for 1, 2, or 4-wire configurations providing the versatility necessary to be used in various applications. Combining the high bandwidth capabilities of the PXI Express platform and VTI Instruments' high power switching systems has allowed VTI to provide ATE system designers with the ability to switch input signals with up to 34 MHz bandwidth while delivering crosstalk levels down to -70dB at 100 kHz. The SMX-3276 was designed with the same core philosophy of providing high channel-density without compromising performance, bringing instrument grade switching capabilities to PXI Express for the first time.

To read more about the SMX-3276, please visit our website or read the press release.

    PMX-09 Portable Rugged PXI Express Chassis with Integrated Display and Keyboard PMX-09

The PMX09 is a portable 9-slot 3U PXI Express Chassis with an integrated display and keyboard capable of delivering unmatched data rates of up to 2 GB/s per slot and 8 GB/s system in a light-weight rugged portable chassis, ideal for users who require testing in several locations. By making use of a 4-lane Gen 2 PCIe backplane, the PMX09 is particularly beneficial when using high-speed instruments such as digitizers, oscilloscopes, and signal generators.

For more information on the PMX-09, please visit our PMX-09 page or read the press release.

  EMX-4250 PXI Express Multi-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer EMX-4250

The EMX-4250 is a high density, "smart" PXI Express multi-channel dynamic signal analyzer (DSA) capable of sustaining 24-bit simultaneous sampling across all channels, up to 204.8 k Samples/Second. This makes it ideal for DSA applications such as: noise vibration and harshness (NVH) analysis, machine condition monitoring, rotational analysis, acoustic test, modal test and general purpose high speed digitization and signal analysis.The EMX-4250 is designed to address challenging precision data acquisition applications with aggressive anti-aliasing filtering integrated into the front end that helps eliminate unwanted signals and reduce measurement errors.

Visit our website for more information on the EMX-4250 or read the press release.

    EMX-1434 PXI Express Arbitrary Waveform Generator EMX-1434

VTI Instruments' EMX-1434 is a PXI Express 4-Channel 24-bit 204 Ksa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator with dual-channel 1 MHz counter/timers and digital I/O. Building on the company's pedigree as a leading precision modular instrument supplier, the EMX-1434 provides unmatched hardware performance for low frequency, high- accuracy applications, such as Engine Control Unit (ECU), Sound and Vibration or medical device functional testing.

To find out more about the EMX-1434 please visit our EMX-1434 page or read the press release.

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