Improving Development Time of Complex Microwave Test Adapters - Case Study
Implementing Advanced Cold-Junction Compensation Techniques to Improve Temperature Measurement Accuracy - Tech Note
EMX-4008/4016 - Intelligent Breakout Boxes to Simplify NVH Testing
New RF/Microwave Switching and Signal Conditioning Brochure

NVH Testing with Test for I-DEAS and VTI Instruments!
Maya HTT will be hosting a Webinar on September 3rd, 2014, discussing the extensive features of the Test for I-DEAS software suite for noise and vibration testing as well as how you can use VTI Instruments' EMX series hardware to get the most out of your test equipment.

VTI IRIS Case Study
Microwave Test Adapter Case Study

Tight collaboration between VTI Instruments and a prime aerospace manufacturer resulted in the design of a flexible Interface Test Adapter (ITA) infrastructure that consisted of nearly 100% RF COTS components and COTS LXI-based communications and control interface. This, used in conjunction with other techniques, drastically reduced development time of complex microwave test adapters for use in a large scale production environment.

Read the full case study.

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Cold-Junction Compensation Techniques

Monitoring temperature data of devices such as combustion engines can be analyzed and used to refine designs in order to achieve optimum efficiency. Depending on the size of the DUT, this could mean monitoring of hundreds of points with sample rates in the tens to hundreds of readings per second. Thermocouples are one of the most commonly used temperature sensors in data acquisition systems. For a proper thermocouple measurement, users must be able to accurately measure the cold junction point. This technical note will focus on how VTI Instruments implements advanced cold-junction compensation techniques to improve measurement accuracy for users.

Read more about our Cold-Junction Compensation Techniques

  EMX-4008/4016 Banner EMX-4008/4016 Intelligent Breakout Box

VTI Instruments recently announced the introduction of the EMX-4008 and EMX-4016, 8 and 16 channel intelligent breakout boxes (BOB's) for use with the EMX-425X series of modular dynamic signal analzyers. These BOB's provide users with convenient maintenance and troubleshooting framework; LED health indicators for each channel. Incorporating these BOB's into a test solution provides users with an external trigger connector and an external calibration input connector to facilitate and simplify triggering and calibration

Read more about the the EMX-4008/4016.

    RF Microwave Bulletin RF/Microwave Switching

Check out VTI Instruments new RF/Microwave switching brochure for COTS and Custom RF Switching/Signal Conditioning Solutions. This new brochure includes innovative solutions for:

  • RF/Microwave Interface Test Adapters
  • RF Simulators and Power Distribution
  • Expandable Matrices up to 40 GHz
  • Parallel Testing of Wireless Chipsets
  • Customized Multi-Insertion Connectors
  • Optical attenuation, distribution and relay
  • RF Repeaters
  • High-density Multiplexers

Read the brochure or visit our RF and Microwave page for more information.

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