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Goodwin Hall is the most instrumented building for vibrations in the world with over 240 accelerometers distributed throughout the building. This structure will become the focal point for research in a variety of fields, including structural health monitoring, building dynamics, digital signal processing, sensor network design, big data analysis, and more. This case study discusses instruments and methods used by VTI Instruments and Virginia Tech to create a highly distributable, precision, data acquisition system.

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Automated test equipment (ATE) systems are a fundamental component in any high-volume manufacturing environment. One major objective in any ATE development is to embed efficiency into the design which results in more products moving through production as well as saving time and cost for each test development. This technical note will examine how the EX1200 series can be used to create a highly efficient multi-point measurement system by minimizing any system latencies and wiring complexity.

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VTI has launched its "How-To" series of videos. These short video's are focused on helping you address frequently asked questions regarding test and measurement tools, instruments, and software.

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