Vibration Testing with Test for I-DEAS and VTI Instruments - Webinar
The Largest Selection of Performance PXI Express Mainframes on the Market
Turn-Key DAQ Software Provides Simplified Static Data Acquisition - Product Spotlight
How to Maximize Data Throughput on the EX10xxA - Technical Note

Visit VTI at IEEE Autotest 50th Anniversary Show!

Visit VTI Instruments at IEEE Autotest from September 15-18, 2014, to learn about how VTI Instruments is bringing precision instrumentation capabilities to PXI Express with a suite of PXIe switching and I/O cards, instrumentation, and chassis.

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Test for I-DEAS

Join us on September 3rd, 2014, 2:00 PM-3:00PM EST, for a webinar hosted by Maya HTT in conjunction with VTI Instruments, discussing and demonstrating the many upgrades and features of the highly regarded Test for I-DEAS software suite that system designers can take advantage of, as well as discussing upcoming developments. We will also review how engineers can incorporate the EMX series of data acquisition products to create a truly versatile and powerful NVH testing solution.

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  EXLAB 5.0 Banner EXLab 5.0 software from VTI

VTI Instruments recently announced the 5.0 update to its EXLab software suite for mechanical data acquisition. VTI developed the latest version of EXLab with the goal of eliminating software learning curves while providing the many capabilities users have come to expect from VTI products. This "setup and run" turn-key software is a complete solution for static data acquisition purposes when combined with VTI's SentinelEX precision measurement instrumentation.

Read more about EXLab Turn-Key DAQ Software.

    TechnicalNote Banner Maximizing Data Throughput EX10xxA

The EX10xxA is a family of high-performance signal conditioning and data acquisition products which may include thermocouple and/or voltage measurement channels on a single instrument. This technical note explains how to maximize data throughput on the EX10xxA by using direct streaming.

Read the full technical note.

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