VTI Instruments Delivers Ground Vibration Testing Solution to International Aircraft Manufacturer
Advanced Methodology for Precisely Simulating Resistance Temperature Detector Sensor Types
SMX-4410: High-Density PXIe Matrix
CMX-9138: Pre-Engineered Instrument Grade ATE System Racks
CMX18: Self-Monitoring 18-Slot PXI Express Hybrid Chassis
EX1200-4265: Matrix Module Designed for Flexible Switch System Designs

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Ground Vibration Testing Solution for Aircraft Manufacturer
Ground Vibration Testing Case

VTI Instruments recently designed a Ground Vibration Testing solution for an international aircraft manufacturer, allowing them to collect data and validate vibration, flight control models, detect structural flaws, and allow for the resolution of in-flight aeroelastic related abnormalities and troubleshoot flight control dynamic problems. By providing precision data acquisition on the ground, VTI helped the company save considerable time and money by executing the tests on ground.

Read the full case study.

Advanced Methodology for RTD
Technical Note Resistance Temperature Detector

VTI has implemented new advanced technology within its EX1200-7008 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) simulator card to solve common issues associated with switch resistance ladder type circuits. This new technology simulates resistance through the generation of a controlled opposite voltage against user supplied current, allowing users to avoid common issues such as granularity, channel density and range limitations, accuracy, stability, glitches, ramping, and calibration.

With this new technology, the EX1200-7008 now offers full temperature range simulation of all popular types of RTD’s, higher channel density, fully isolated channels, fast, monotonic, glitch-free resistance value
programming, fine resolution and better accuracy than switched
resistor circuits, and much more.

Read the full technical note.

  SMX-4410 Switch Matrix SMX-4410

The SMX-4410 is a 300 V/2 Amp matrix switch module designed for ATE systems where maximum signal integrity and density is desired. The SMX-4410 contains four (4X10) 2-wire building blocks that can be bussed together under software control to create 2 (8x10), or 1 (8x20), or 2 (4x20), or 1 (4x40) 2-wire matrices. With instrument-grade performance specifications and programmable configurations that help minimize costly and signal degrading external cabling, this module is well-suited to serve as the core element in an ATE switching system. A self-test utility is provided that can be used as part of routine preventative maintenance to determine relay health and product end-of-life.

The SMX-4410 incorporates extensive signal shielding and exposes shield pins on the front panel connector for tying to the cable shield. This preserves signal integrity throughout the signal path by maintaining the signals at the same reference level as the UUT. In addition, meticulous signal routing is done for signal shielding and cross talk reduction, allowing the SMX-4410 to achieve superior signal integrity. This performance allows the card to be used with signals that have high frequency components and fast rise times and narrow pulse widths.

"VTI has always been a leader in signal switching systems for complex ATE systems, because of a simple philosophy", commented Tom Sarfi, VP of Product Management and Support. "We treat the switch module as part of a switching instrument that is fundamental to a sound system design and not just relays on card. We focus on maintaining signal integrity of test signals so precision measurements can be made on the unit under test with minimal signal degradation, ensuring confidence in test results"

VTI's PXIe and LXI switch devices use the same path level system driver, allowing the SMX-4410 to be easily integrated with the company's award winning LXI high-density switch systems (EX1200 family), for those applications where switching needs exceed available slots in a PXI Express or hybrid mainframe.

To read more about the SMX-4410, please visit our website.

    CMX-9138 Pre-Engineered Racks ATE Systems

Appropriately housing complex and expensive ATE equipment can be a daunting task. With nearly 25 years of experience as both an instrument provider and system integrator, VTI can provide pre-engineered ATE system racks for a wide range of products. Our line of 42U pre-engineered ATE system racks from VTI Instruments that come complete with power distribution, cooling fans, filtering, shelves, and blanking panels, saving users considerable time, money and documentation by providing all ATE rack needs under one part number.

The CMX-9138 leverages VTI's experience as both an instrument provider and system integrator to produce the optimal rack assembly for precision instrumentation needs.

Users can also receive any addition of blowers, mass interconnect/receiver interfaces, manufactured cable assemblies switching, and accessories. These preconfigured instrument grade ATE system racks save users time and money by ensuring that their test equipment is in an ideal housing environment.

The CMX-9138 comes with: power controls, rear door with lock, locking, removable side panels, power strips, bus-bar, selectable, pre-Installed cooling system, and a heavy-duty caster for portability.

Users also have the option of adding any of the following to their rack systems: Blowers, mass interconnect/receiver interfaces, and manufactured cable assemblies switching and accessories.

For more information on the CMX-9138, please visit our CMX-9138 page.

For more information about other Racks and Enclosures please visit our Racks and Enclosures page.

  CMX18 PXIe hybrid chassis CMX18 Rugged Chassis

The CMX18 is a high power hybrid PXIe chassis designed for ATE test systems. Leveraging the companies experience in designing and providing high power VXI mainframes for ATE, the CMX provides extensive built-in health monitoring, giving the user feedback of temperature, fan speed (airflow) and supply line monitoring to help reduce the mean-time to repair (MTTR), or shut down the system in real-time if a fault condition occurs. Cooling has been designed to satisfy ATE rack cooling conventions, pulling air from the sides and bottom, evenly distributing, and exhausting to the rear. Rack mount kits provide recessing the mainframe to accommodate cable harnesses as well as seamless integration with mass interconnect systems.

"The performance of our CMX18 is unmatched" said Tom Sarfi, Director of Modular Instrumentation Products. "Not only is it a true 4U rugged construction mainframe with an extended operating temperature range between -10 to +55°C, but we have also designed in an advanced PCIe switch fabric, for non-transparent switching and a partionable architecture for true deterministic slot-slot communications. This allows multiple test engines to be housed within one mainframe, allowing for parallel tests, thus improving product test throughput".

Designed with a 1000 Watt power supply, the CMX18 operates at 91% power efficiency, easily satisfying the most power hungry application requirements. For multi-channel data acquisition applications, when combined with the EMX-2500 LXI-PXIe interface, The CMX18 provides IEEE-1588 time source distribution to all slots providing for a time-stamped deterministic multi-channel solution. The clock synchronization between a single master instrument and multiple slaves is achieved using standard Ethernet cables, resulting in simplified installation and maintenance.

Visit our website for more information on the CMX18.

    EX1200-4265 EX1200-4265 unit

VTI Instruments is pleased to announce it has expanded its award winning switch/measurement instrument (EX1200 family), providing users with parametric testing capability when connecting to critical products such as rockets, missiles, and spacecraft. At the heart of the system is a unique switch module (EX1200-4265) combined with software that allows users to quickly and efficiently accomplish:

• Isolation measurements between any two points
• Continuity measurement
• Parametric path measurement (voltage, current, timing    (rise time, fall time), noise (differential, common mode,    ground noise), impedance, isolation and continuity
• "Safe to connect" - measure stimulus prior to connecting     of critical test items

Modular construction allows for the user to scale up from 64 channels to thousands of channels as required by the application. In order to present users with the ability to have multiple test instruments connected to common test points, VTI Instruments architected the EX1200-4265 as a high density matrix module with a very unique architecture that provides the framework for flexible switch systems. This includes a bypass circuit which allows crossover connections, thus allowing the integrated.

DMM to make voltage or current measurements without disconnecting cables. If the measured signal is differential, isolation and continuity can be made between the high and the low sides, making the EX1200-4265 ideal for cable test and characterization application. Relays capable of switching up to 300 V and up to 2 A are also used to maximize the range of application spaces that can be addressed with this module.

Each module is made up of a dual 2 x 32 (2-wire) matrix with access to an integrated DMM within the chassis. Larger matrices can be realized by adding additional matrix modules. The EX1208A chassis can accommodate up to 16 modules. Multiple chassis can further expand the matrix without losing synchronous measurements.

To find out more about the EX1200-4265 and how it can make your measurements more efficient and accurate, please visit our EX1200-4265 page.



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