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Intelligent Breakout Boxes to Simplify NVH Testing

  Irvine, CA, June 9, 2014 - VTI Instruments is pleased to announce the introduction of its EMX-4008 and EMX-4016 - 8 and 16 channel breakout boxes (BOB's) for use with the EMX-425X series of modular dynamic signal analyzers. Incorporating these BOB's into a test solution provides users with an external trigger connector and an external calibration input connector to facilitate and simplify triggering and calibration of the EMX-425X cards. The EMX-4008 and EMX-4016 provide robust BNC connections for connecting input signals directly to the EMX-42XX. Replaceable BOB's provide a quick, simple and low cost way to interface with transducers.  
  Both BOB's provide a convenient maintenance and troubleshooting framework; LED health indicators give visual indication for each channel alerting users of potential problems with IEPE transducers such as an open or short circuit.

Each BNC connector is connected to an independent, floating current source in the EMX-425X that provides 4.5 mA or 10 mA programmable excitation current to IEPE
  transducers. The BOB's support the full range of capability of the EMX-4250 series, including sampling rates up to 204.8 kSa/s/channel, wide spurious-free dynamic range and deterministic multi-channel phase response. IEPE current of each EMX-425X channel can be independently controlled via software. This unique feature of the EMX-425X allows users to achieve full dynamic sensor range with long sensor cables.

Continue to read about the EMX-4008/4016 or find out more about our EMX-Series.

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