Rugged DAQ System Provides Precision Measurements for Jet Engine Testing
EX7204: Modular Microwave Switching Solutions
Advanced Triggering Methods to Reduce ATE Test Times
VTI Delivers Cable Test System for Missile Program
EMX-2500 Achieves LXI 1.4 Certification

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Rugged DAQ System Provides Precision Measurements for Jet Engine Testing
Cenco unit

VTI Instruments recently helped a test cell manufacturer by designing and building a highly accurate and rugged LXI measurement system with more than 500 channels that could be placed in close proximity to a jet engine during testing. With its solution, VTI provided the test cell manufacturer with extreme DAQ system protection, precise measurements using EX1000 series instrumentation, faster installation time and lower overall project costs.

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  SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT: EX7204, Modular Microwave Switching Solutions EX7204

The EX7204 is the industry’s first solution which modularizes both switching and signal conditioning into one flexible family of COTS products. A wide variety of switch and filter building blocks can be combined with commonly used microwave signal conditioning modules to provide for a complete solution from signal source to measurement. The re-configurability and compact, half-rack size of the platform makes it ideal for environments where test topologies and requirements need to be changed frequently and with minimal down time. With a wide variety of switch architectures, operating ranges and signal conditioning options, the EX7204 is well suited to address the following applications spaces: Wireless Communication, GPS, Radar and RFID.

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    TECHNICAL NOTE: Efficient Triggering on ATE Systems ATE Systems

When multiple test instruments are required to work in conjunction with one another to acquire a measurement or sequence of measurements, the ATE architecture becomes more complex and difficult to design. While engineers can choose from different triggering methods to find the best approach to achieve their goals, each method has its own level of efficiency as it relates to execution time and implementation simplicity. This white paper discusses a few of the popular methods for programming test sequences and explains how a test developer can take advantage of VTI’s EX1200 series, which implements LXI extended functions, to make test systems operate more efficiently.

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  CASE STUDY: VTI Delivers, Cable Test System for Missile Program creatEX

VTI has completed the successful delivery of a 4,000-point cable test suite in support of a missile program. The high-density EX1200 switching platform was at the core of the system, complete with a turnkey software application. Fully documented and integrated using creatEX building blocks, VTI was able to minimize non-recurring engineering costs and time to production floor. Contact VTI Instruments to learn how its innovative approach to system build helps test departments increase efficiency.

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    EMX-2500 Achieves LXI 1.4 Certification EMX-2500 unit

VTI Instruments is pleased to announce that its EMX-2500 gigabit Ethernet interface for the SentinelEX PXI Express family has achieved LXI 1.4 certification. In addition to the core functionality, the EMX-2500 achieved certification compliance for extended functions including IEEE-1588 clock synchronization, LAN Event messaging, time stamped data, IPV6 and LXI Event logs. This certification is a significant milestone as it ensures that VTI’s precision PXI Express-based data acquisition solutions will operate seamlessly in an LXI-enabled instrumentation network.

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