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LXI-VXI Gigabit Ethernet Slot-0 Interface

    • Up to 10 kM distance from PC to mainframe through fiberoptic interface
    • 40 MB/s block transfer rates
    • Embedded Web Interface provides interactive utility to control instruments
    • Rack-Rack TTL trigger extension through on-board LXI Trigger Bus
    • Backward compatibility with VXI 1.4 and 2.0 products
    • External Clock In/Out with on-board options for TCXO/OCXO
    • VXIplug&play compliant
  • Phone : 949-955-1894
  • Email : vti.sales@ametek.com
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The EX2500A LXI-VXI slot 0 interface merges Ethernet's robust architecture and widespread infrastructure with the VXIbus platform.

The Power of LXI

The VXI TTL trigger bus is a powerful component of VXI-based systems and is used to facilitate hardware handshaking between modules, freeing up the CPU for other tasks. The EX2500A allows, all eight of the VXI TTL triggers to be extended across multiple mainframes and to other LXI devices through the LXI Trigger Bus compliant front panel connectors (LVDS). Additionally, the EX2500A incorporates the LXI standard VXI-11 instrument discovery mechanism, greatly simplifying integration within hybrid systems.

Data Transfer Rates

The EX2500A is capable of transferring blocks of data in excess of 40 MB/s, faster than most VXI interfaces found in the industry today. A high-performance DMA controller is used during block moves to achieve superior transfer rates. This is accomplished without compromising traditional message-based (word-serial) command performance.

Simplified Cabling and Connectivity

Distances between mainframe and host of up to 200 meters can be realized. A fiberoptic connection is available if even greater distances are required.

Familiar Software Interfaces

The EX2500A is fully compliant with the VXIplug&play specifications and implements VISA as the API communication layer. This greatly simplifies installation of the EX2500A into legacy systems using the VISA protocol and preserves any investment in existing TPS and driver development by eliminating the need for costly code modifications.