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48-Channel High Performance Strain Gauge Measurement Instrument

    • Supports quarter-bridge (120, 350Oor user defined), half-bridge or full-bridge
    • 24-bit ADCs, sampling rates up to 25 kSa/s
    • Built in programmable differential excitation -8V to 8V
    • Built in selectable bridge completion
    • Configure signal conditioning excitation and bridge completion on a per channel basis
    • Simple, low-cost wiring using RJ-45 telecom connectors
    • Supports TEDS for easy transducer detection and setup
    • RJ-45 input connector reduces setup cost and time
    • Built in self-calibration and shunt calibration
    • Supports voltage, ratiometric and linear measurements other than strain measurements.
  • Phone : 949-955-1894
  • Email : vti.sales@ametek.com
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The 48-channel EX1629 sets a new standard of performance for stress and fatigue testing. Independent 24-bit ADCs converters on each channel, extensive software-selectable filtering, and independent signal conditioning paths provide exceptional accuracy and reliability.

The EX1629 is designed to make it very simple for the user to plugin the transducer and start taking accurate measurements immediately.

Any Channel, Any Bridge or Voltage Input

The EX1629 supports quarter-bridge (120 O, 350 O or user defined), half-bridge or full-bridge transducers, as well as voltage, ratiometric and linear measurements

Easy setup – just plugin and measure

With built-in signal conditioning, programmable excitation and selectable bridge completion all integrated into the unit and configurable per channel, the user can simply plugin the transducer and start making measurements.

Combine and Measure 10,000+ Channels

Multiple EX1629s are easily synchronized together in a master-slave relationship via the LXI external trigger bus. In addition TEDS support greatly simplifies transducer identification and instrument configuration. RJ-45 connectivity reduces cost of cabling and simplifies wiring efforts.

Accuracy and Reliability you can trust

With unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability, the EX1629 is the go-to solution for the most complex structural test applications worldwide. See our case-studies to learn more.