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16-Channel, 204.8 kSa/s Smart PXIe DSA Digitizer

    • 204.8 kSa/s/channel, 24-Bit ADC's, 16-Channel
    • Differential inputs deliver superior common mode performance
    • Flexible analog and user defined digital filter combinations
    • -105 dB SFDR
    • Seven auto-ranging input ranges from 100 mV to 10 V
    • Deterministic channel-to-channel, card-to-card, and chassis-to-chassis phase response
  • Phone : 949-955-1894
  • Email : vti.sales@ametek.com
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The EMX-4250 Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzer incorporates best-in-class analog design methodology to deliver industry leading measurement accuracy while offering scalability from a few channels to thousands of channels. This instrument is ideal for a wide range of applications including noise vibration, and harshness (NVH), machine condition monitoring, rotational analysis, acoustic test, modal test, as well as general purpose high speed digitization and signal analysis.

Distributed Measurements

When combined with the EMX-2500 LXI interface, the EMX-4250 can be used in widely distributed data acquisition systems enabling test instruments to be placed close to test articles to maximize signal integrity.

Simplified Connectivity

The EMX-4250 can be used with the EMX-4016 16-channel break-out box which provides an easy and quick option to connect transducers using BNC connectors.


Industry standard drivers and programming interfaces support all major programming environments. Complete turn-key solutions, such as open-source X-Modal III Modal Analysis Software and EXLab Data Acquisition software, are also available and supported.

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Part NumberDescription Qty
70-0409-004EMX-4250, 16-Channel, 204.8 kSa/s Smart DSA Digitizer
70-0409-010EMX-4008, 8-Channel Break out box for use with EMX-4250/4251
70-0409-015EMX-4016, 16-Channel Break out box for use with EMX-4250/4251
EXLab-EnterpriseFull-featured Data Acquisition Software with unlimited channel support
EXLab-LiteBasic Data Acquisition Software with 96-channel support
EXLab-ProfessionalFull-featured Data Acquisition Software with 1000-channel support
EXLab-StandardAdvanced Data Acquisition Software with 384-channel support
X-Modal IIIModal Analysis Software