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  • What we do

    What we do
    Improving the Integrity of Your Product

    VTI Instruments delivers precision modular instrumentation and systems for electronic signal distribution, data acquisition, and monitoring. Our rugged test systems and precision modular systems are used in the world's most demanding test applications, and we can tailor our data acquisition equipment to your application.

    We help our customers use our products and systems to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures. We also furnish and support our automated test systems for the functional testing of complex electronic systems.

  • Automated Test Systems

    Automated Test Systems
    Reducing Overhead, Improving Efficiency, Guaranteeing Quality

    Our creatEX series of automated test systems offers a broad range of core ATE subassemblies, components, and modular instruments that simplify the integration process of any automated test system. The createEX series includes racks, power, cooling, integrated mainframes, receivers, cabling, and funnel assemblies designed to interface to any instrument or switch module. We have engineered all of our automated test systems to maximize signal integrity between the system assets and the devices under test.

  • Data Acquistion

    Data Acquisition
    Reliable Data, First Time, Every Time

    Our SentinelEX family of data acquisition equipment provides precision data acquisition solutions for your most demanding test applications. We recognize the value of accuracy and our solutions are engineered to provide reliable data. Our mission critical data acquisition solutions are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, large structures, and complex electronic systems.

    Knowing that we service a wide range of applications from critical infrastructure to flight safety and troop security, you can be confident knowing you’ll receive excellent product performance and quality.

  • Embedded Test Systems

    Embedded Test Systems

    By leveraging years of experience, technology leadership, and intellectual property from our automated test and data acquisition solutions, we provide distributed I/O and computing solutions in compact rugged SWaP-C optimized form factors for aerospace and defense applications. Our SentinelEX family takes a unique approach to embedded systems by leveraging low-power compact FMC modules and SoC based architectures, thereby optimizing electronics for size and power. The end result is a network-centric distributed embedded electronics solution that saves weight and cooling to deliver the most SWaP-C optimized solution in the market.

VTI Instruments

If you're like many engineers, you want to get the job done without a bunch of delays, cost overruns, miscommunications, and headaches.. With over 25 years of experience in test and measurement, VTI Instruments can help you find a solution to your instrumentation needs — one that works for your application.

We work to ensure that our customers are able to conduct their tests and obtain accurate test data during the first test, the second test, and every test in the future. We understand that you have timelines, deadlines, budgets, and other constraints, so we do our best to understand your needs and create a beneficial working relationship that encourages productivity.

Learn more about VTI, what we are capable of and how we can serve you today!

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